XED Ltd, electronic product design, engineering and development services.


XED Limited is an electronic design consultancy specialising in product and systems design for communications, automotive, aerospace and medical applications. Our specific skills include RF transceiver design, multi-channel base-stations, fiber optic systems, Windows software, microcontroller, DSP and FPGA firmware, mixed signal analogue and digital electronic design, low power designs, power supplies, ATE systems for high volume RF systems, manufacturing and product conformance certification to EEC and FCC regulations.

Our Skills

PCB Design & Prototype

Multilayer, highspeed

Circuit Modelling/Simulation

Altium / TINA-TI / LTSpice

Digital Electronics

FPGA, ASIC, CPLD, lattice, Xilinx

Embedded Systems

TI, NEC, Microchip, ATMEL

EEC and FCC Compliance



315/433/868/915 MHz ISM/SRD Bands

Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Cellular

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